Framemust aimed to provide 'the door language', the function of the door is the barriers between one area to another area. Therefore it was transmitted through the furniture form which comprises of 2 tables, 2 chairs by producing the manufacturing of door as well as window through the existence of furniture. The significant of the door and window manufacturing is the aluminium profile extrude which outstandingly described in the design dimension. 


Furniture design



Framemust are manufactured using extruded aluminium profiles and acrylic panels. Mimicking glass that is often apparent with doors and windows, the acrylic panels are finished with a UV gradient – a process where ultra-violet lights are used to dry and cure the ink as it is printed.

The product boasts clean lines, a dreamy pastel palette and iridescent panes to ensure the range is applicable and ideal for any café, working or even home environment. The panels carry the same communicative values as the doorframe, acting as an entrance into another space.


In additional, it was kept its original function which included the gradient acrylic that is represented the predominance of the door as in communication value as well as it easier to produced. Moreover, the purpose is to add more value through the material, also to modify the function through the existence of new material in appropriately.